Zie Siphon!!!!!!

Kayaking in ChileThis season in Pucon has been one of the best and most random years to pass. At first, I was staying for just less than a month. 12 weeks have past since the day I arrived in the end of November. This place has just got me sucked in…like a siphon! I would have it no other way…At this point Pucon is more of a home for me than another place in the world. In the past 5 years I have spent a total of 20 months living and paddling in Chile.

Back to this season…The blog has been lacking due to the fact that to be perfectly honest, we haven’t done that many new things this season. I have too many Nevado, Palguin, Gol Gol, Desague, Nilahue, Futa, and Manso updates…That’s not to say that this year we have run everything higher, more often, and with much more steeze. We have a mountain of footage and photos we plan to put out from free online very soon now. There will not be a Demshitz Movie this year but something more RAD! To be explained…

The crew that we had in December this season was unstoppable. Jared & Graham Seiler, Myself & Ian, Anton Immler, Fred Norquist, Jake Greenbaum, Dave Fussili & Nicole, Erik Johnson, Eric Parker, as always Rodrigo, and so many more close friends that we shared our beloved Chilean stouts with. With all that said I have shot tons of photos and not put them up yet…so here is a taste of the good life here in Pucon. Pura Vida enjoy the photos!

Fred and I ready to…”Tie one off”

The small town of Pucon, Chile. Funny how so much can happen in such a small place.

Camping out after punching a hole in our gas tank…driving too fast on dirt roads not advised.

Just a few silly kids hanging out in Latitude 39…best food in town!

The Pit!!!! All Demshitz grillin’ out after a Todo Palguin Christmas day.

We were driving…and drinking…also not advised.

Sunset and kayaks, must have been a good day.

Fred getting one of the billion Horseflies back for torturing us all day on the Rio Gol Gol.

Fred layin’ some treats on the Upper Nevados.

Aaaaaa…..eeeeeee Demshitz lika Brownings.

Not sure if I put this up in the last post, but I like it so take a peek. Bariloche, ARG.

Anton with a steeze line down the Nevado slide.

Dulce Amor=Sweet Love! Boofs like this make me feel the love.

Lip of Demshitz Drop on a February afternoon. Nevado needs one day of rain and its on!

The Diablito has a fucked up log in it…you can do it, but damn it’s scary.

Dusk in Patagonia. Pucon right before the summer rush hit.

The birthplace of the Rio Manso. So much beautiful.

Our little house here in Pucon…Ian, Erik, Sole, and I all lived under this roof.

One of my favorite pics of the season…Lago Ranco at sunset…not a bad place to go camp.

Jakey Snakey on Alerces.

Ian Garcia drop on the Upper Car…this thing is a dirty little lady.

Erik roosting in to the lip of the Turbio Stout.

I got two tickets to Paradise!

Salto Palguin through the eye of Anton’s 7D.

You can have your shiny cars, bustling cities, and high paying jobs…I think I’ll stay right here.

Later E.G.

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