Jordan Poffenberger

Jordan PoffenbergerMy name is Jordan Poffenberger, I was born and raised in Fairfax, Virgnia; 20 minutes from Washington D.C. – and the Potomac River. I am 17 years old and have been paddling for nearly 13 years. Yep… since I was 5.  I Kayaked for about 6 years before I finally decided to loose my training wheels and become a C-1er. Though every once in a while you will still catch me in a K-1 trying to remember how to roll. When it comes to paddling I’m pretty A.D.D. I can never make my mind up as to what I really want to do, I jump around from slalom to freestyle, wildwater, creeking, sometimes even squirt boating, I don’t think it really matters what boat I’m in, as long as I’m on the river. I got my competitive start in the local Maryland Chute-out series when I was 7 and competed in my first major competition in the 2007 National Freestyle Championships at the ASCI whitewater center in Maryland where I managed to grab 2nd place when I was 12. Every since then I’ve been kind of hooked on competeing in just about ever aspect of the sport, and have made my way onto the US freestyle team in 2009 and 2011 and am currently 11th in the world in C-1 Freestyle. I am a bit of a show off to be honest, though I really try to hide the fact; but when I see a pretty lady watching me paddle on the side of the river I can’t help but try extra hard to get that really huge air loop.
As far as schooling goes, I graduated in 2011 after 2 years at public high school and 1 year in New River Academy where I got to go to Chile and Uganda. I am taking 2 years off after high school to go run around North America paddling and hopefully heading to Chile this fall to run some waterfalls. Then it’s back to school where I will attempt to become an Engineer. It is a dream of mine that someday this sport will be popular enough that if someone like me wanted to do nothing but paddle, run waterfalls, and surf big waves, they could make enough of a living to sustain the habit… oh and helicopter rides to the put in’s would be pretty neat. Either way I will always figure out a way to push myself in this sport and maybe eventually push the sport itself.
Why do I paddle Liquidlogic boats? They are simply the best. And the people that work there are as bad ass as their boats.
Favorite Color: uhhh Brown?
Favorite River: The Potomac
Favorite Creek: Rio Claro in Chile
Favorite Boat: The Liquidlogic Stomper
Favorite Piece of Gear: IR Double D Drysuit
Favorite Trick: Blunt’Nasty
Favorite thing to do other than paddling: uhh watch kayaking movies? Does that count?

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