Isaac Levinson

Isaac LevinsonMy name is Isaac Levinson, I’m 21, I was raised in Atlanta, Georgia, yeah thats right, The A-town! I learned to kayak on the Chatahooche River. It is not a beautiful pristine river especially for a beginner, in fact the section I spent most of my time boating was 100 yards upstream of a sewage treatment plant. That was not enough to keep me off the water. I love to kayak. Its why I wake up in the morning and what I think about when I go to sleep. I split my time on the water between Slalom and Creeking. But sometimes I even hop in a playboat if its on the menu. I have to say my passion is big water, big drops, and going fast. I love extreme racing, it allows me to combine the two things I enjoy most about the sport.
I’ve spent the last 3 or 4 years on the road exploring and racing in California, Colorado, North Carolina, Chile, Central Europe, New Zealand and so many more places it unbelievable! What a life kayaking has given me!
Liquidlogic is BAD ASS just like the outfitting says. I use their boats simply because they are the best. I like every single boat for a different reason. The Remix is what attracted me to the company originally, coming from a slalom background it made switching back and forth from my slalom boat really enjoyable and easy. And for extreme racing you can’t beat the hull speed it puts out. Then last year I took a Jefe Grande to Chile, because of a freak snow storm in North Carolina I was unable to get down Woodys long and windy driveway to get a Remix before my departure the following day. John Grace convinced me its not a big deal just take the Jefe Grande that I had been demoing. Well that was the best decision I could have made, I’m 140 pounds, a small dude, but the Jefe is so easy to paddle an caveman could do it. Now have a hard time deciding what boat to paddle every time I go out. Life is Tough!
The boys at Liquidlogic are great people, down to earth, and love kayaking as much as anyone. Thats way I paddle for Liquidlogic Kayaks.

Go fast and Take Chances,


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