Evan Garcia

Evan GarciaMy name is Evan Garcia…I’m now 22 years old and live in the back of my 2003 Subaru outback. I was born and raised in Bozeman Montana and learned to kayak following my older brother and father down the Gallatin river. Now days I focus all my energy and time into being a full time whitewater paddler.
Nothing I have ever done or been a part of has come close to being as exciting or as fun as this sport. I paddle for Liquid Logic because I love their boats and the people I work with. This company is comprised of some of the best and most experienced kayakers and designers on the planet…along with being some of the most down to earth people as well.
I spend most my time in California, Oregon/Washington, and Chile. Between those three places I have been able to pull off the year round paddling lifestyle. To some it seems impossible, but trust me…its not “THAT” hard. You just have to DO IT!
At this point in my paddling career I am most excited about running and finding bigger and harder drops…but I do it all from play to expeditions. I also make videos, take photos, and plan on being a part of many big projects to come in the future. Kayaking is a growing sport and I am more than stoked to see where the future of whitewater will take us all…

Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: Lasagna
Favorite River: Rio Alcaseca
Favorite Country: Chile
Favorite Boat: Liquidlogic Jefe Grande
Favorite Candy: Super 8
Favorite Drop: Demshitz Drop, Chile
Favorite Drink: Purple Drink

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