Stephane Pion

Stephane Pion

I started kayaking with my father when I was 8 years old. First he put me in the back of his kayak and I twined my legs around his waist. Then at the age of 10 I began kayaking on my own. Two years later I started at my first competition, a slalom race. But I only did slalom for about two years. After that I went creeking with my Dad and I have been doing this ever since. With my father, however, I only creeked in France. Later, I creeked in France, Corse and Italy and today I go creeking all over Europe, in fact all over the world.

I’ve been working as boilermaker for years but now I launch my small promotionnel video company ( I have a son, Yanis, a daughter, Maëlane and my girlfriend,Géraldine and I are currently building a house. When it comes to kayaking I live from day to day. I don’t have specific projects in mind. I just love to travel and see where it takes me – whether in France or anywhere in the world. To be in a team is really important for me, for many reasons like relationship, ambiance, safety etc. To be on your own is boring. What fascinates me about kayaking is that you meet a lot of people.

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