Matěj Holub

Matej Holub

Even though Czech republic isn’t the country with big mountains or great whitewater whole year around, paddling is really big in here. Growing up in kayaking family didn’t give me much other opportunities, paddling was the first to come. Started way before I can remember on the small fiber- class boat, then moved pretty soon to plastic freestyle boat which quickly followed by my first big whitewater trip to Alps. That trip changed my whole life, I was 14 years old and by that time I knew that whitewater kayaking is really the thing I want to do fully.

Now I’m trying to spend every possible time on the water wherever it’s in Norway, USA, Canada or back home in the Czech republic. Kayaking is such a unique sport that never stops growing and so do I. There is still tons of rivers to run, countries to explore and great people to meet. I just can’t wait for another trip while writting these lines. Have to go and hit the river again. See you on the water.

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