The Composite Playboat

Winning with the new Liquidlogic composite playboat!So, after a heinous drive across Kansas, totally solo (the only things to talk to were the bugs on my windscreen) I made it to Colorado. Nothing exciting happened during the drive, thankfully, but when I got to Buena Vista I realized really how low the water was this year. This is a vast difference between the 175% snow pack they had last year and the 70% snow pack that they have this year.

Brush Creek 2012 for RG

Shasta Boyz on Team LiquidlogicMy life has been chaos as usual rolling into midterms but last weekend was the Brush Creek race outside Kernville, CA. The race went well with some fast racers laying it down and I ended up taking 6th place in the short boat division off the couch from pushin pencils.

BOMB FLOW TV – “Going to Church” – Episode 9

Bomb Flow TVA wiseman once said, “not all churches have roofs”. In this episode watch as the Bomb Flow crew finds their own meaning of “church” amidst huge waterfalls and flooded rivers in the mighty PNW. The crew is blessed with a successful huckfest on some of Washington and Oregon’s biggest and baddest waterfalls.
Outlet, Toketee, Abiqua, Upper North, and Metlako.