The Green Truss POV – Substantial TV

Substantial Media HouseCheck out this short edit from a day out on high water Green Truss. This is the hardest section of the White Salmon river which drains the entire South face of Mt. Adams in Southern Washington. After the removal of the Condit dam last summer you can now full navigate the entire river from source to its end, this only being one of the 5 different sections! Check it out and if you are in the area get out on this thing its prime flows if you want some juicy fun big water creeking. Substantial Vibes from the treat laying capitol of the world….

Liquidlogic Freeride Riverrunning @ Middle Fork Nooksack

Check out the Freeride riverplayboat videoWe took the Liquidlogic Freeride 57 out on one of my favorite rivers to see how it would perform on some technical river running. Needless to say it killed it, and we were able to have a good time and throw some freestyle too! The perfect Riverplayboat!
Check it out.

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Little White Salmon Race

AWP Whitewater World SeriesFirst and foremost I’d like to say that the last two comps have been 2 of the best most fun I have ever been a part of. So thanks to Capo of World Class Academy and James Byrd for putting on such cool down to earth events for us.

The Little White Salmon is a place I hold super close to my heart and I have spent more time on this river than almost another in the world. I have had my sights set on the LW race for a long time now. Years ago I hurt my shoulder on Metlako the day before the race. Last year I had a slow partner haha jk 😉 However this was my year…I decided to race with Isaac Levinson from Atlanta, GA! I have know Isaac since the spring of 2009 and we have shared some super good and memorable times all around the world since then. He is a slalom paddler, which means he’s fast, but is also easily one of the most talented kayakers around!

Evan Garcia – HUCK

Evan Garcia - Kayak film HuckHere is a project that Andy Maser from the old Epicocity videos came out and made while we were filming for Bomb Flow Episode 9! We shot some stuff around the BDP mansion and then went and bombed off high water Outlet Falls. He took some simple interviews and edited this short film up! People seem to be loving it and it has been popping up on some major networks and websites this past week!!!! Stoked on the good exposer and a really bad ass stout!!!! Thanks for making the flick Andy! Check it out…