Day 1 of the Liquidlogic Self Support Grand Canyon Trip

This trip just about didn’t happen for several of us this year. Snow storms were moving across the country in many different regions which delayed, canceled, and forced lots of scrambling to make it to the Put In in time for check in with the Park Rangers.  Chuck had to buy a first class ticket to make the date.  Tom luckily ran into a counter agent who was from Flagstaff and knew all about the desire to make it to the river.  She managed to get him to the Flag airport just in time to meet the shuttle headed directly to the put in.  Woody had electrical problems on the road which left him a day later than he wanted to be but it all worked out we arrived at the Motel 6 in Flag got ourselves organized and loaded the rig headed for Lee’s Ferry.

Liquidlogic Playboat Prototype: Wave Testing

Pan am at Lunch Counter - Photo: Jeremy LaucksA couple of weeks ago I got a chance to get the new Liquidlogic Prototype Playboat out on  the Lunch Counter wave in Jackson, Wyoming. The wave was a prime level and perfect for figuring out what this baby can do. After a day and a half of surfing this wave I learned nearly everything I need to know about how this boat preforms.

Kayaking the North West of the U.S.

Isaac Levinson

A month of kayaking in the North West United States. so many good times, please enjoy! I feel like this stuff has been in a lot of videos lately but I’ve been really board while recovering from a shoulder injury so i made this edit. Don’t hate.
As always thanks to Liquidlogic Kayaks.

Little White Salmon Race

AWP Whitewater World SeriesFirst and foremost I’d like to say that the last two comps have been 2 of the best most fun I have ever been a part of. So thanks to Capo of World Class Academy and James Byrd for putting on such cool down to earth events for us.

The Little White Salmon is a place I hold super close to my heart and I have spent more time on this river than almost another in the world. I have had my sights set on the LW race for a long time now. Years ago I hurt my shoulder on Metlako the day before the race. Last year I had a slow partner haha jk 😉 However this was my year…I decided to race with Isaac Levinson from Atlanta, GA! I have know Isaac since the spring of 2009 and we have shared some super good and memorable times all around the world since then. He is a slalom paddler, which means he’s fast, but is also easily one of the most talented kayakers around!