Mexico Kayaking 2011

Kayaking Mexico with Liquidlogic Kayaks athlete Mathias FossumMexico kayaking! My journey from the North- to South America this fall continues to Mexico.
After 6 weeks in British Columbia, we packed Jules’ car and started a long drive from Whistler thru USA towards Veracruz, Mexico (5500 km). I had been a couple of days in the States with Evan and Fred before, but I was pretty stoked to spend some more days in “the country of opportunities” and maybe do some boatin on the way!

Bomb Flow TV Episode 8 “Porque Ganando”

Bomb Flow TVWhen asked why they live the life they do…the Bomb Flow boys simply answer, “Porque Ganando!”. This episode of Bomb Flow covers the last month of kayaking in South America! From big water to 100 foot waterfalls this is just another installment in the epic series of videos!!! Enjoy, share, link, tell a friend, kiss a stranger BFTV is back!
“Porque Ganando!” in Bomb Flow TV Episode 8!

Palguin Sessions

The Palguin river runs off the flanks of Volcan Villarrica, there fore it almost always has a runnable flow. Being summer time rats here in the small town of Pucon this fits perfectly into out busy agenda. Only 20-30 minuets from downtown this river offers close reliable class IV-VI rapids for us to run whenever we want. 8am-9pm there is enough light to head to the Palguin and either run fun class IV boofs or go huge off 40-80 foot stouts! What more can you ask for?

This season the water was prime when we arrived, but has been on a steady decline from day one. This has made for a mad dash to get all the runs and levels opportunities we can in a short amount of time. Once we were warmed up with a few Nevado runs we went straight to the Middle Palguin for some test dummy action. Good lines through Stout 10 and varying lines off the big one…Aniol and I went back up for round 2! A good day of hucking for sure…a few days later Aniol was feeling Salto Palguin so we went back for a Todo Palguin! Aniol laced the stout and we went on to run the entire river with only 2 portages.

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