Review: GoPro Hero 2

If you are into action sports at all then you have heard of GoPro. I have had the pleasure of working with this company from almost the beginning, with 6 years as a sponsored athlete, I have watched the original GoPro Hero transform into the number 1 selling helmet camera in the world. In all honesty most of the kayakers that saw the first Hero were skeptical of its performance and design, but ohhhhh did GoPro shut them up with the release of the first 1080 HD Head Cam under $300.

Slippery When Wet: GoPro Reel

So life has finally mellowed out a little after a busy quarter of film school at UC Santa Cruz. I am on my way up to Mt. Shasta for the holidays and stoked to have a little time off. GoPro has been a pinnacle sponsor in the progression of Shasta Boyz and after almost of 6 years working together our relationship continues to grow. I have watched this company expand from 3 people to a multi national corporation in just a half decade. Impeccable customer service and an unbeatable product, GoPro continues to push the progression action sports videography into 2012.

Slippery When Wet available ONLINE

Shasta BoyzSh#t has been hectic in the SBP world lately. After finishing a master copy of Slippery When Wet in late July, I was barley able to get DVDs August 4th before flying to the Outdoor Retailer show on August 5th. After the epic whirl wind of making some great connections and a wicked bender with the boyz, I rallied back to Mt. Shasta to start getting ready to move down to Santa Cruz for school.



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