Norway: Summer 2011

Fresh and new! Check out the video, it was filmed on Finna, Jordalen, Teigdalen, Ørskogelva, Vaksvikelva and Sjoa.
Later, Martin

Liquidlogic Company Trip on the Chattooga: 21 miles of pain and pleasure

Organizing a paddling trip for folks that you haven’t done a paddling trip with before can become quite a cluster f@*k.  We started out with tons of people all fired up to go but then the soccer games, beer fests, birthday partys,  and bowel issues among other things, started to whittle the crowd down to a few hearty souls.  The group that you see are the few and the proud.  We are the R and D department of Liquidlogic and Native kayaks.  It came down to the 6 of us. Betsy is an honorary member because she has to put up with my dusty ass every time I come home from the shop.

Here are all the photos from the weekend.

Buen Suerte y El Rio Florin

Rio FlorinOn our way home from Futafest we had the luck of getting stuck in every town we stopped in…lack of gas, time, party, for whatever reason it took us a while to get back to boating in Chile. We decided to stay aside the Rio Rininahue and run it the next morning…Jared Seiler and I got the first D in Feb. of 2008 and no one has done it since. We found a very, very bad camp site and the boys pitched a gypsy tarp set up while myself and Juanito stay in the Chevy LUV. Good choice on our part as one of the most fierce rain storms of the season hit right around 2:00 am…check out the damage below.

Liquidlogic Boat Designs for the Future

So we threw the question out to you all on the Liquidlogic Facebook page. What are the boats you would like to see Liquidlogic work on in the near future? The response was pretty amazing. After wading through 100 plus responses on one FB thread, 50 on another thread, 40 on a blog post, many emails, texts, and chats I came up with this list of designs that you all mentioned. Now lets hone down the details and see where we end up. This post will appear on the Liquidlogic Facebook Page add your comments there for any or all of these design ideas. If you have more to add go for it.