Nothing has changed…but everything is different.

Stikine kayakingThere are certain events that take place in life which have a deeper and more profound impact on us. For some it maybe meeting a new mentor, moving to a new city, winning a championship, or graduating college. For me, as a crazed kayaker from a young age, there has been a pinnacle or milestone awaiting 1,700 miles north of my home in Montana.

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Liquidlogic Playboat Prototype: Wave Testing

Pan am at Lunch Counter - Photo: Jeremy LaucksA couple of weeks ago I got a chance to get the new Liquidlogic Prototype Playboat out on  the Lunch Counter wave in Jackson, Wyoming. The wave was a prime level and perfect for figuring out what this baby can do. After a day and a half of surfing this wave I learned nearly everything I need to know about how this boat preforms.

Liquidlogic Freeride Riverrunning @ Middle Fork Nooksack

Check out the Freeride riverplayboat videoWe took the Liquidlogic Freeride 57 out on one of my favorite rivers to see how it would perform on some technical river running. Needless to say it killed it, and we were able to have a good time and throw some freestyle too! The perfect Riverplayboat!
Check it out.

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Kayaking the North West of the U.S.

Isaac Levinson

A month of kayaking in the North West United States. so many good times, please enjoy! I feel like this stuff has been in a lot of videos lately but I’ve been really board while recovering from a shoulder injury so i made this edit. Don’t hate.
As always thanks to Liquidlogic Kayaks.