12 Days in the Grand Canyon: Every day something different

Multiday kayaking Grand CanyonDay 1.  Day one was a big one for me because I just don’t get to go on trips where everyone is paddling one of our boats let alone everyone was paddling the same boat.  It was also a really cool experience to see how well the Remix XP performed for everyone and how perfect it is for this type of trip through rapids and long stretches of flat water.  Pushing off from shore and feeling the stability that the boat had with 100+ pounds of gear loaded into it felt great.  Yes it was another proud designer moment.

12 Days in the Grand Canyon: Things I learned on my Grand Canyon Trip

Grand Canyon PanoramaDay 1.  “Clean up your stuff before you go on to do something else!”  My mom told me that when I was a kid and I am still paying the price for not learning that lesson.  Piles of dishes still show up in my kitchen sink at home but when you are camping in the cold it is much harder to clean your dishes after they have frozen over night and that will piss you off because then its much harder to make coffee since you only have a few pots to start with unlike my collection at home so that I can go a week without cleaning.

The Simple Life…Grand Canyon Self Support

Carpooling to Lees Ferry (the put in) my mind was racing; “Do I have everything I need? Will my body agree with paddling 20-30 miles a day? Do I have the mental and physical strength to paddle 280 miles to Lake Mead?” Eight hours later, I realized that all my thoughts would become reality in less than 24 hours. No more questions, time to enjoy the trip and stop planning.

Driving to the Put In: Grand Canyon 2012!

Driving down to Flagstaff with the home team.Well today we are driving up to the Put In for our trip through the Grand Canyon.  I was lucky enough to have my home team along for the ride and a quick glimpse at Monument Valley, and the South Rim so they could see where I was going to be for the next couple weeks.  It was a perfect day to drive down to Flagstaff and meet up with the river team.