Braaap braaap

Liquidlogic Kayaks BraaapA couple of days ago the Liquidlogic Braaap prototype arrived at my place, ready to be tested. Last weekend I took it out for a testride and it is an absolute fun and performance boat. You can carve super precisely on the edges and maintain your speed nearly every situation. I think that boat is fun for everyone, from beginner to pro. Enjoy some raw footage from Koppentraun in Austria.

Eistobel Canyon

Read more about Eistobel GorgeThe week before Christmas the temperatures rose and it rained a bit. So the forecast was promising. I tried to gather some motivated kayakers which wasn’t that easy to find a couple of days before Christmas Eve. Some had to go to work, others had exams at college and there even were those who don’t want to go kayaking if the temperatures are around the forties (°F = 5°C). Anywho I found at least one guy to join me, Philipp Much.

Travelling in Tyrol

Me preparing for the impact on Reinbach FallsThe Sickline Champs gathered all the folks in Oetz valley. Max and I took the chance to have all other Tyrolian rivers just for us. Some of the boys joined us and so we had a fabulous weekend with low volume creeks and some big water too. We started our tour on the waterfall fun section of Defereggenbach, which isn’t the longest stretch. It’s just 3 kilometers, but the drops makes it totally worth it.

Die Sickline Champs hat fast alle im Ötztal versammelt, doch Max und ich haben die Chance genutzt die Bäche Tirols für uns zu haben. Ein paar von den Jungs waren mit uns unterwegs und haben uns bei diesem fabelhafen Trip mit low volume Creeking und Wuchtwasser begleitet. Gestartet haben wir die Tour auf der Wasserfallstrecke des Defereggenbach, sie ist nicht lang, aber trotz der nur 3 km absolut lohnenswert.

Defereggenbach, Ost-Tirol

Me running the second dropAustria is a beautiful country but there some areas which a more beautiful. One of these areas is Ost-Tirol esp. the Defereggen valley. It is surrounded by the national park Hohe Tauern and offers some remote whitewater in a narrow gorge on the waterfall run as well as roadside runs on the standard and tunnel section.

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