BOMB FLOW TV- Episode 12 – “ Lost in Voss”

Bomb Flow TV - Episode 12Finally the moment we have all been waiting Bomb Flow goes to NORWAY! Watch as the boys find themselves LOST IN VOSS…searching out the stoutest stouts we could find, Voss continually showed us the goods day after day. The water levels greeted us and we got to hit so many of the rare classics…a dream come true! Sit back, crack a beer, and get LOST IN VOSS!

Summertime in Norway

With a huge snowpack this winter, combined with a cold spring, this summer in Norway has been extraordinary good. It’s been hard to pick which river to get on to because their all been running for the whole summer. Now, in the mid of august, classics like the lower Rauma, Tora, Bøvra Gorge and so on, still hasn’t dropped in due to the amounts of snow that’s left in the mountains. We’re patiently waiting for those to come in, while we’re running other good runs!

Telemark, Norway

Evan Garcia - Telemark, NorwayDurning the our stay in Norway, rain was a huge factor in our lives. From camping, eating, driving, and of course kayaking. With high levels around the greater Sjoa area and frustration setting in due to running scary big water runs. We took a chance and drove 6 hours down south to the Telemark region of Norway. Arriving with a good crew and with Mathias Fossum’s local knowledge we hit 5 rivers in 3 days!

Voss Norway!

Team Bomb Flow conquers NorwayThere are few places on earth that have caught my eye like the Scandinavian country of Norway. For years I have seen pictures and videos from this amazing country and couldn’t wait until it was my turn to go find myself in the Fjords and rivers of Norway. Basically I have said, “I’m going to Norway this year” for the past 5 years! Finally I made the move and bought a plane ticket to the city of Bergen on the West Coast.