BOMB FLOW TV- Episode 10 – “ Substantial”

Bomb Flow TV - Episode 10 - SubstantialBomb Flow Episode 10Bomb Flow TV turns its sights on to the North Lands of British Columbia once again! We avoided the normal Cali siphoned and boofed north from Hood River and Montana to BC. What we found was Substantial!!! Spring provides high water on BC’s already cold, unforgiving, and dangerous rivers. Hitting much loved classic and finding some gems tucked away in the frozen mountains we are stoked to bring you Bomb Flow TV – Episode 10!!!! Enjoy


Roadtrippin in Norway

Kayak Roadtrip Norway

I got back from Chile in the end of January and then turned all my focus back on my universitydegree for a couple of months, before I finished my exams in the mid of May. At that time the weather turned warm and the rivers were filled up with water! Now, a month later, roadtrippin’ from east to west in Norway, kayaking two rivers a day and just living a super easy lifestyle with my good friend Aniol Serrasolses.

Check out some shots of the last weeks:

Evan Garcia – HUCK

Evan Garcia - Kayak film HuckHere is a project that Andy Maser from the old Epicocity videos came out and made while we were filming for Bomb Flow Episode 9! We shot some stuff around the BDP mansion and then went and bombed off high water Outlet Falls. He took some simple interviews and edited this short film up! People seem to be loving it and it has been popping up on some major networks and websites this past week!!!! Stoked on the good exposer and a really bad ass stout!!!! Thanks for making the flick Andy! Check it out…

Getting LW-ular! Little White Salmon

Evan Garcia on Little White SalomonThe Past 4 days in a row myself and a solid group of paddlers have been lapping the Little White Salmon at 4.1-3.9 feet on the bottom gauge. Putting in at the Willard bridge and running the Upper/Lower LW is one of the best and most amazing things you can do in a kayak. The river drops close to 2,000feet in less than 5 miles. It is an endless ride of frothy white goodness from top to bottom! Here are a few Go Pro freezezzzzzz for y’all to enjoy.