Liquidlogic Freeride Riverrunning @ Middle Fork Nooksack

Check out the Freeride riverplayboat videoWe took the Liquidlogic Freeride 57 out on one of my favorite rivers to see how it would perform on some technical river running. Needless to say it killed it, and we were able to have a good time and throw some freestyle too! The perfect Riverplayboat!
Check it out.

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Self Support kayaking with the Liquidlogic Freeride; Westwater UT


I suppose this is long out of order from my travels this summer but I just came across an SD card with all the shots from my trip down Westwater Canyon. It’s crazy that I’ve lived only 3 hours away from this beautiful place most of my life and never took advantage and hopped on a trip until this year. It was the perfect way to wind down after the crazy excitement of the Outdoor Retailer show where we launched the new Liquidlogic Stomper and all the other great products with Legacy Paddlesports. I was pumped to meet up with my good friends from First Descents and share some sun, beers, and good times in the canyon. I mean, truly, that’s what this sport is about. As much as it feels good to push yourself, and seek challenging whitewater. It’s the times spent with your friends on the river that really makes you keep coming back for more.

Liquidlogic Freeride on the Ottawa

Liquidlogic Kayaks - FreerideShane Benedict, Jordan Poffenberger, and I rallied into Ontario for a quick 5 day trip on the Ottawa river last week. The flow was around -1ft making for some great options right outside our door. This was my first time to the Ottawa and I’m sure it won’t be my last. It’s pretty crazy showing up with nothing but farmland in every direction and knowing there is world class kayaking somewhere close by. We were there to test out the design of some new Composite Playboats that Shane has been working on, but we took some breaks and went out freeriding too. Here is a quick video from Push Button and Corner Wave.

Liquidlogic Freeride: Glenwood Wave 22-25,000 cfs

The new Liquidlogic Freeride 57 and 67 is finally out and in stock at your local retailer. John O’Neill from Alpine Quest Sports went down to Glenwood with me to test it out and see how it performed on a big flushing wave. At the higher flows of around 25,000 the river left side was definitely getting flushy and you had to really pay attention to not get washed off. Especially for those in smaller more park specific boats it was difficult to get long rides.