Substantial Media House TV – Episode 5 – “The Holy Waters”

Substantial Media HouseHere in the Pacific Northwest we know there is no better place than home. Water is abundant and of the freshest variety. Old volcanic spillways have carved some of the most classic and stout river beds known to man kind. There isn’t much to say about the columbia gorge that isn’t already known…there are more rivers and waterfalls here than many care to remember…There’s an old saying around these parts…Go To Church! For the locals of the PNW sanity is found on these Holy Waters. Enjoy Substantial Media House Episode 5 “The Holy Waters”.

The Green Truss POV – Substantial TV

Substantial Media HouseCheck out this short edit from a day out on high water Green Truss. This is the hardest section of the White Salmon river which drains the entire South face of Mt. Adams in Southern Washington. After the removal of the Condit dam last summer you can now full navigate the entire river from source to its end, this only being one of the 5 different sections! Check it out and if you are in the area get out on this thing its prime flows if you want some juicy fun big water creeking. Substantial Vibes from the treat laying capitol of the world….