Stéphane Pion 2013

Stephane PionDésoler pour cette année et demi d’absence sur mon blog mais je me suis consacrer a d’autre imperative plus importante !!! je vais tacher de remédier a ça et poster un peu plus régulièrement photos et videos. Mon activité professionnel et de plus en plus importante mais le kayak reste mon adrenaline !!!

Jura area

The Jura area from eastern of France but they are many small rivers, we runed some classicle rivers like Saine, Ain, Anguillon, lemme but somewhere water flows in the gorges at the middle of forest. So, last week I spent 3 days in the jura area, we found two rivers, La Cimante with some small waterfalls, it was beautiful but not really interested and “Le Bief de la Chaille” river. A really funny river close Les rousses village where we did the first descent. The river was narrow, really steep, the eddies was pretty small and many trees across the river but we were at the middle of the completely untouched forest !!

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2011 Cévénnes area (France)

Cevennes KayakingI came back at home after I have spent two weeks  in the Cévennes in France (Hérault, Lozère and Ardèche area). We started this journey in the famous French gorge of Valgarnide on the  Dourbie river where we spent two days in an awesome scenery. It was the first weekend of November, one of the public holyday in France. Every year the Dourbies villagers organise the chestnuts festival; it was a good opportunity for us to join the party, eat some chestnuts cooked on the fire, drink some wine and dance… During the last days, we went on the Hérault River which has a beautiful gorge view, visited the Couvertoirade village one of the most beautiful village from XI century, then we took a breakfast in the south Mediterranean coast in Palavas-les-Flots, just before we came up in Ardèche area.

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