GoPro Mountain Games 2013

GoPro Mountain GamesAs always, the GoPro Mountain Games (formerly the Teva Mountain Games), starts off with a bang at Homestake Creek in Colorado. We are about 30 minutes outside of Vail in a town called Red Cliff and theres a roadside section of river that drops 450 feet per mile. Its an amazing stretch of whitewater and this year it actually had some water in it! My runs didn’t go as well as I had hoped and I ended up in 3rd place behind Martina Wegman and Natalie Anderson.

The Mackenzie Mission

Jordan on point at Sahalie
I was awakened by the dingaling of my phone. It was cold, way too cold for a late May morning in Oregon. Along with the gentle pittering of rain on the roof of the truck, I could hear Hunt Jennings’s Malamute puppy attempting to wake his owner whom lie dormant in a nearby tent. I checked to see what my phone was bugging me about; It was Galen Volckhausen, and the text read “Meet at tits deep at 9”. It was already 8, so I emerged from the bed of the truck and went to wake Hunt. Though motivation was nearly nonexistent we managed to get ourselves on the road to the Tits Deep Mansion to pick up Galen. From there we drove through rain, snow, more rain, and more snow to make it to the river that each of us had been nervously dreaming of during the past week.

The Green Truss POV – Substantial TV

Substantial Media HouseCheck out this short edit from a day out on high water Green Truss. This is the hardest section of the White Salmon river which drains the entire South face of Mt. Adams in Southern Washington. After the removal of the Condit dam last summer you can now full navigate the entire river from source to its end, this only being one of the 5 different sections! Check it out and if you are in the area get out on this thing its prime flows if you want some juicy fun big water creeking. Substantial Vibes from the treat laying capitol of the world….