Crashing Canada


July 10th: sitting in Norway at the Sjoa and browsing through my facebook…
Everyone starts posting pictures and videos of upcoming BC-Season, Stikine level drops in super early this year and after a quick check on my bank account I notice: I’m broke. But I didn’t care. I really wanted to go to British Columbia and check out the classics by myself instead of only reading about it. With the last bucks on my account I booked the flight to Vancouver on the 20th of August, knowing that I’d return back from Norway on the 9th of August and then have one week to make some money for this trip.

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Grand Prix 2014 "My Wager"

Ok I haven’t written on this blog for quite
some time now…but I’ve got some time to go on an old EG rant.
So the talk of the Whitewater world right now is the the upcoming event of the year “The Grand Prix 2014″!!! I’m bummed that I can’t make it back out to Quebec to run rampant with the rest of these guys and get my ass kicked at all the play boating events like last time.

Nothing has changed…but everything is different.

Stikine kayakingThere are certain events that take place in life which have a deeper and more profound impact on us. For some it maybe meeting a new mentor, moving to a new city, winning a championship, or graduating college. For me, as a crazed kayaker from a young age, there has been a pinnacle or milestone awaiting 1,700 miles north of my home in Montana.

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British Columbia 2011

British ColumbiaThis is a while ago now, and might be old news, but I had a long travel this summer, fall and winter from North to the south of America. My first stop was the famous kayaking destination British Columbia in the west of Canada.

After a long flight from my home Norway to Calgary in Canada, followed by a couple of hours on the bus I met up with Ryan Lucas, Rush Sturges and Liquid Logic team buddies Evan Garcia and Fred Norquist. The boys had a spot for me in the car and took me around in this beautiful state for a month!