GoPro Mountain Games 2013

GoPro Mountain GamesAs always, the GoPro Mountain Games (formerly the Teva Mountain Games), starts off with a bang at Homestake Creek in Colorado. We are about 30 minutes outside of Vail in a town called Red Cliff and theres a roadside section of river that drops 450 feet per mile. Its an amazing stretch of whitewater and this year it actually had some water in it! My runs didn’t go as well as I had hoped and I ended up in 3rd place behind Martina Wegman and Natalie Anderson.

Teva Mountain Games 2012

Teva Mountain GamesEven though this years Teva Mountain Games didn’t go the way I had planned, I was still very excited to be in Vail again for one more year of pure excitement!

This year both of my parents came out to watch and cheer me on. I did heaps of runs on Homestake prior to the race on Thursday and I was feeling really good. The water was really low this year so there were loads of rocks everywhere to get stuck on…. or pinned.

The Composite Playboat

Winning with the new Liquidlogic composite playboat!So, after a heinous drive across Kansas, totally solo (the only things to talk to were the bugs on my windscreen) I made it to Colorado. Nothing exciting happened during the drive, thankfully, but when I got to Buena Vista I realized really how low the water was this year. This is a vast difference between the 175% snow pack they had last year and the 70% snow pack that they have this year.

The Elusive Left Line

Ok so I did tell everyone that I would do my next blog post on South Silver but I got a request to do a post on the Elusive left line of Sunshine. So here it is. I’ve been running the left line for a few years now with many different variations of the line. I started in a long boat and then slowly moved into being more comfortable in a short boat running it. Now that the rapid has changed, at the lower levels its actually more comfortable to go left than right for me.