Summer in Norway 2012

It has been quite a while since I got back from my norwegian adventure over the summer. To be back after one year of cruising around west coast of USA felt just right. I first visited Norway when I was 5 years old and my parents went for some paddling action. This year was my fifth visit since then.

I’ve spent most of my time around Dagali river, which was my home for 3 months since I’ve got job as raft guide there. Dagali is situated between two great areas for kayaking, Telemark is over one valley and Voss also just 2 hours by car.

Brandseth Race and spectators

During the summer there has been plenty time to explore it all. Me and my Dagali Cowboys have started at Veko week in Voss. Super high water levels brough in some jewelry – Jordalselvi, Myrdalselvi, Teigdal …After this great week of paddling and parties with friends we returned home for a little while and then head to Sjoa river for the festival. This was basically my routine for whole summer – to  work some days and then leave for some more whitewater.

This season was unbelievable, even in August and September there were still rivers to paddle which are normally not running. I especially have to recommend few new rivers that I’ve come across during my stay – it was Stordalselvi, which is pretty committing class V+ with drops, slides and some must-runs all in big gorge. The other one is alpine style river called Skjoli, just hour from Sjoa river. This 15km of class is steep ride in boulders mostly class 4-4+. The best about this on is, that you can be at take out within 40 minutes if you know the lines. The last big surprise for me was really high flow Upper Brandseth in Voss area – this water park just gets better and better with more water, but also quite terrifying.

Upper Rauma drop called Litte Huka

So this is short sum up from my summer in Norway, which was just great and somehow special with all that great water levels. I hope to get there soon again! Here is a shoot edit of some of it. Check it out and  if you like it, check some more videos from summer in Norway at

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