Video Norway 2014

I managed to finish my norway edit from this year I wrote about earlier. enjoy!

my first trip ever to norway

Stomping NorwayThis year I had the opportunity to spend 7 weeks in the country of trolls, mosquitos, sun 24/7 and whitewater everywhere. We started our trip in the south of Norway, the Telemark. Levels were already low there, but we could still paddle the Cali-Section on the Augsbygdai- truely a classic!
After doing laps on the Augsbygdai for a few days we decided to move on and drove to Voss.
Voss is the capital of whitewater kayaking in Norway, so many awesome rivers around which offer several sections at any waterlevel. Every year the Ekstremsportveko takes part in Voss and that’s the time where you want to be there. Heaps of kayakers and serveral other outdoor people, partys every night and super sick events like extremraces, teamraces or boatercross events  every day.

We are Psyched to announce that Pat Keller is joining the Liquidlogic family!

Decades ago, 7-year-old Pat Keller walked up to Shane introduced himself, and proceeded to explain that he was going to be a kayak instructor and travel around the world to paddle. He’s met and exceeded that declaration in so many ways: waterfall huckmeister, blistering-fast racer, cutting-edge downriver freestyler, epic adventurer, and  innovative design advisor. Born and raised around whitewater, Pat has a totally unique art and style as a paddler and regularly visualizes completely new paddling possibilities.  Pat’s gonna leap out of bed in the morning with out-of-the-box ideas for a kayak and a way to use it that no one has even imagined, and the Liquidlogic team has the tools to bring them to life.