Colorado Competition Update

Hitting the Fast line  at SSV Photo- Philip Robert

After an incredible couple of weeks in the Pacific Northwest,  Hunt Jennings and Myself drove to Colorado for the Freestyle Competition Series(plus a couple of creek races). First up was the Lyons Outdoor Games in Lyons, Colorado. Though the water levels dropped to barely floatable flows the South Saint Vraint Creek race went off relatively smoothly. The winner would be determined by the paddler who managed to hit the least amount of rocks, which of course would be Dane Jackson. I myself managed to tie with Clay Wright for 3rd, while Hunt who hit a couple more rocks tied with Nick Troutman for 6th. In the very “unofficial” C-1 Freestyle class I managed to come out in 1st with Dane Jackson in 2nd and Rowan Stuart in 3rd.

Hitting the Fast line  at SSV Photo- Philip Robert

Hitting the Fast line at SSV Photo- Philip Robert

Coming off the Leap of Faith aka "the Champion Killer" on a Homestake Practice run

Coming off the Leap of Faith aka “the Champion Killer” on a Homestake Practice run

Immediately after the Lyons Outdoor games were finished, Hunt and I drove straight to Vail to begin training for the Gopro Mountain Games. We spent the first several days doing dozens of laps on Homestake Creek.  When race day finally came the water levels jumped up to nearly twice the flow it had in the beginning of the week. My first run was fast, that is until the last rapid, known as the Champion killer it sure killed me. I landed off the 8 foot boof and fliped towards the right wall and continued to get worked for 5-6 seconds, I rolled up and paddled it out but it was enough to keep me out of the top 10. My second run was much smoother and I managed to put up a competitive time. However due to my first run I wasn’t able to make the top 5 cut for the Finals. I came out in 9th place, Hunt bested me by a couple seconds and managed 7th.

Launching the Clean Mcnasty Photo- Dylan Evans

Launching the Clean Mcnasty Photo- Dylan Evans

The 2013 Vail Gopro Mountain Games Freestyle as usual was an awesome event. It is pretty incredible to compete in downtown Vail surrounded on all sides by roaring spectators. In the Prelims I managed to hit a couple sweet combos and made it to the Semi Final round in 7th place amongst the K-1ers. Though the next day Semifinals did not go as well, I botched a couple of my well practiced linked tricks and got bumped back to 10th.

2 Competitions down, 2 to go! Time to begin training for Fibark in Salida, Colorado- then on to the Kelly’s Whitewater Championships in Idaho!

See you on the River!

Jordan P

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