Kayaking in Russia: The Altay Mountain Range

Altay KayakingSummer of 2013 a international team of paddlers went to Russia to paddle some of the classic rivers in the Altai region. After a long drive they started of with a rough start next to the border of Mongolia. Body Frieser tell in this part how you should clean the car before you go kayaking.
Team members: Ron Fischer, Mariann Saether, Boby Frieser, Jasper Polak, Mark Basso and Benjamin Hjort
Driver: Vasily Porsev
Filmed and edited by Benjamin Hjort. Copyright by Hjortmedia 2014
Music by Ugress – “Prologue”

Westcoast USA

Follow us on our kayaking trip to the mighty waters of California. On our trip we ran some of the classic runs the High Sierra drainage has to offer, like the South Silver, South Kings and Kings, Upper Cherry and many more. This video features some of these runs in this world-class scenery.

Thanks to Liquidlogic for supporting me as new team member for 2014!!