Spring Creeking in Austria

Salzkammergut KajakLast weekend was a very really good one. It turned out to be much different than planned, but maybe this was not a bad thing… I had planned to film for a little kayak film project I want to do, but due to some organizational difficulties and bad weather all plans for filming where thrown overboard and we just went kayaking. To make it short – five runs in two days, three of them where personal firsts for some of us – all with perfect waterlevels… Couldn’t have been much better (maybe a little warmer). Thanks to Sandra Jennifer for the additional photos – Very appreciated! Anyways, enough words! Here are the pictures and a little POV video of our beloved “Kummerbrücke” section on the Enns…

Braaap braaap

Liquidlogic Kayaks BraaapA couple of days ago the Liquidlogic Braaap prototype arrived at my place, ready to be tested. Last weekend I took it out for a testride and it is an absolute fun and performance boat. You can carve super precisely on the edges and maintain your speed nearly every situation. I think that boat is fun for everyone, from beginner to pro. Enjoy some raw footage from Koppentraun in Austria.

2014 wrap up Video

in 2014 I started paddling for liquidlogic and I had a killer year! Over the year I paddled all their models and I love each one with its own style and different design features.

check out my year :

Crashing Canada


July 10th: sitting in Norway at the Sjoa and browsing through my facebook…
Everyone starts posting pictures and videos of upcoming BC-Season, Stikine level drops in super early this year and after a quick check on my bank account I notice: I’m broke. But I didn’t care. I really wanted to go to British Columbia and check out the classics by myself instead of only reading about it. With the last bucks on my account I booked the flight to Vancouver on the 20th of August, knowing that I’d return back from Norway on the 9th of August and then have one week to make some money for this trip.

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