Kayaking in Russia: The Altay Mountain Range

Altay KayakingSummer of 2013 a international team of paddlers went to Russia to paddle some of the classic rivers in the Altai region. After a long drive they started of with a rough start next to the border of Mongolia. Body Frieser tell in this part how you should clean the car before you go kayaking.
Team members: Ron Fischer, Mariann Saether, Boby Frieser, Jasper Polak, Mark Basso and Benjamin Hjort
Driver: Vasily Porsev
Filmed and edited by Benjamin Hjort. Copyright by Hjortmedia 2014
Music by Ugress – “Prologue”

“Alone on the river” film in Paris

Our film « Alone on the river » will be screening on the stage of the Grand Rex in Paris in front of more 3000 spectators !!!
I’m pretty proud and happy to help the kayak community and partner to explain and share our passion in front of a large audience who are not familiar with this outdoor sport !!!

Check out the trailer of this great film here :



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Enjoy and share !